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The following flow-chart gives a broad overview of the steps performed by the build system.

flowchart TB subgraph DockerBuild direction TB DockerBuildA(Prepare Build Environment) --> DockerBuildB DockerBuildB(Apply Patches) --> DockerBuildC & DockerBuildE DockerBuildC(Generate Bindings) --> DockerBuildD DockerBuildD(Compile Bindings) --> DockerBuildF DockerBuildE(Compile Sources) --> DockerBuildF DockerBuildF(Pre-built sources and bindings) end subgraph DockerRun direction TB subgraph Prebuilt direction TB PrebuiltA(Pre-built sources and bindings) end subgraph AdditionalCppCode direction TB AdditionalCppCodeB(Generate Bindings) --> AdditionalCppCodeC AdditionalCppCodeC(Compile Bindings) AdditionalCppCodeD(Compile Sources) end subgraph AdditionalBindCode direction TB AdditionalBindCodeA(Compile) end AdditionalCppCode --> DockerRunA AdditionalBindCode --> DockerRunA Prebuilt --> DockerRunA DockerRunA(Select Bindings to Include) --> DockerRunB DockerRunB(Link) --> DockerRunC DockerRunC(Finished Build result) end DockerBuild --> DockerRun