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Is this a fork of the OpenCascade library?

No. This project is making no changes to the OpenCascade library, apart from few very small modifications which are applied as patches. All this project does is

  • Download a tagged commit from the OpenCascade git server.
  • Compile the OpenCascade library using the Emscripten compiler.
  • Analyze the OpenCascade headers using libclang and auto-generate bind-code to expose the library to JavaScript.
  • Link the WASM-binaries and provide some convenience functions so that you can easily use the library in your JavaScript projects.

Who is going to keep this project up-to-date with the OpenCascade library?

This project is (hopefully) keeping itself (mostly) up-to-date with the OpenCascade library, since most bindings are generated automatically.

How can I contribute?

Contributions are welcome! Feel free to have a look at the todo-list if you need some inspiration on what else needs to be done.